Dual Plug Stopcocks - (GP 3/DP)

Venflow, General purpose , GP

1.VENFLOW  Stopcocks are manufactured from Type 3.3 Borosilicate glass with interchangeable P.T.F.E keys housed in blue PP caps.
2.Stopcocks have Double barell with side tube in one barell and a capillary jet at other.
3. Locknut is provided to prevent accidental removal of key.
4.Glass barrel is precision formed to ensure smooth movement 
5. Tight seal without force.A gentle turn is all it takes to open and shut the valve.
6.Both barells have PTFE keys and operate independent of each other.
7.Burette tips are tempered for extra strength.
8. Ergonomic design of PP caps aids in smooth and easy operation facilitating Fine control.
9. Glass we work with is compatible with Pyrex/ Corning 7740, Duran, Iwaki, Bomex or similar glasses.

Stopcocks offer more:

  •  Positive closure 
  • Wear resistant    
  • Chemically inert 
  • Improved technical performance 
  •  Easy handling 
  •  No seizure 
  •  No contamination 
  •  Freedom from jamming 
  •  Less breakage 
  •  Ease of cleaning 
  •  Absolute leak proof 
  •  No retaining devices 
  •  Strengthened valve seat

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